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Information about Crestone, CO

General Information about Crestone, CO.

Crestone is famous of it's many spiritual centers and alternative buidings. You can watch a video here and here.

Info about spiritual centers here from the website

See a video of the everyday life in Crestone here.

Crestone is also the home of many beautiful healers, please visit our Support on the journey link here, or visit the Crestone Healer website here.   

Airports: The closest larger airports are Denver, CO – 218 miles and Albuquerque, NM – 250 miles. The closest airport is Alamosa, CO, 50 miles from Crestone. You need to arrange your own transportation from Alamosa to Crestone.

Bus: To book a a bus from Denver, CO to Moffat, CO, (14 miles from Crestone), please visit the Black Hills Stage website.

Book the bus from Denver-Moffat, CO. Please contact Clear Light sangha for support with transportation from the busstop.

Around Crestone: Your GPS will probably not work in Crestone – but as people are very friendly you can stop and ask anyone for directions.

Our speed limit is 15-35 miles and we have lot of pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as wildlife crossing the roads, especially near dawn and dusk. Please watch your speed.

Mobile Phone access
Some cellphone operators do not work very well. The only one that works without interruptions is Verizon.

High Altitude

The altitude in Crestone is 8000 feet so make sure to drink a lot of water upon arrival – this is the best way to acclimate to the high, desert altitude.

Amenities & Services
Crestone has 1 organic food store, 1 non-norganic food/grocery store (with some organic options), 1 hardware store, 3 restaurants, a post office, one liquor store, a credit union, hairdresser, horse stables  and 2 ATM's. Wifi is available in all restaurants, and spotty 3G connectivity through Verizon Wireless. A farmer's market is available in the summer on Saturdays.

Bear Encounters
Be aware of not leaving food out or in your car in the summertime as we have lot's of black bear activity. Because of the drought conditions, they are very hungry and can be very aggressive if they smell your food.

Water Resources & Fire Danger
To support the beautiful aquifer that Crestone rests upon please try to conserve water. Crestone has been in a severe drought the last 5 years so please be very careful with fire. Do NOT toss lit cigarette butts out the window or into grass/brush. Do NOT leave your vehicle idling on grass or vegetation, this can also ignite our very dry tinder. 


For info about the Crestone campground please click here.

For info about local hot springs soaking see info below for Joyful Journey Hot Springs and Valley View Hot Springs.

For local news and information, you can read our local newspaper The Crestone Eagle which is published once a month online or in print. They also post breaking news about wildfire conditions and other local and regional issues.