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jennifer tyler IMG 0172Jennifer Tyler has worked in the field of holistic healthcare for almost 30 years. She is a gifted, intuitive healer whose experience includes hospice nursing, bereavement counseling, spiritual guidance, traditional Thai healing and transformational healing sessions.  Following the deep recognition that occurred in her life, the loving Presence and guidance of Adyashanti and Sharon Landrith, continues to shine light on an ever-unfolding path. With Sharon’s encouragement, and with gratitude and joy, she is moved to be a resource for the unfolding process of spiritual awakening.

Many of us are looking for ways to embody love.  How do we discover the love and joy inherent as our true nature? How do we live as this love, in the world, through our actions and choices? Jennifer is here to support, nurture and enliven the potential for recognizing the abundant love at the core of our Being. With this recognition, we have the opportunity to create loving possibilities in our individual lives. We become the instrument, the pure expression of Life’s loving, fearless wisdom. Jennifer is available for spiritual guidance through private sessions (dokusan) and group gatherings. Please visit her website  Or email her at   


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