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Caroline Cavelti

At this time in our history, when energies on the planet are so intense, many of us feel overwhelmed, frightened, confused. We don’t know what to do. Everything seems to be coming apart. More than ever before, we are being called upon to rest as Stillness.

Caroline’s Still Presence is palpable. She was asked by Sharon Landrith to teach and now humbly offers herself as a guide to anyone willing to look deeply into what’s really true. With her integrity and wisdom born of life’s experience she will gently and lovingly remind you again and again, of what you really are and invite you to rest as That. And as That, you live life with equanimity, loving what is and knowing that all is well, despite appearances. She bows deeply in gratitude to her teachers, Sharon Landrith and Adyashanti with whose guidance she came to see her true nature.

Caroline offers support in your unfolding by phone or in person to small gatherings in Toronto.

She may be contacted at

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