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Steve and Bec 2016Steve & Bec were seekers and meditators for many years. The pointings of Adyashanti sparked Grace leading to recognition as boundless, timeless awareness. The love and wisdom of Sharon Landrith continues to provide invaluable guidance as this recognition eternally unfolds. Sharon invited and encouraged Steve & Bec to share this love and wisdom with others.

Along the way, Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji, and innumerable other souls have provided invaluable insights and understanding. They are eternally grateful to all those with whom they have shared and continue to share this apparent journey.

Together they founded Mauna Sangha and offer support to others through posts on their website and Facebook page Mauna Sangha. They offer monthly satsangs, which can be joined via Skype, in Dubuque, Iowa, and can be contacted with questions or comments at .




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